Somehow the most important subject is the most ignored one and the reason for this is our failure to realize how it can positively impact our potential, thinking abilities, emotions, feelings, and decision making. The fundamental flaw in the SNC-Islamiyat is that it ignores the Quranic wisdom regarding nurturing righteous behaviour. It ignores spirituality and our decision making capacity and is based on a knowledge banking model which doesn’t work for emaan and character development. We feel rewriting books for grade 1 to grade 5 on a knowledge banking approach is a waste of time and effort and for this reason we have revisited our decision and decided not to rewrite any books based on SNC-Islamiyat curriculum. In shaa Allah we intend to present an alternative curriculum document, learning experiences and books (Grade 1 & 2 only) to the NCC which incorporates principles of gameful learning, learning theories, positive psychology, Islamic pedagogy and spirituality.