Our objective is to nurture individuals who experience a state of Ihsan and add value to the society through creativity, innovation, wisdom, emotional intelligence, and socially responsible behaviour.

We believe there is a relationship between spirituality, ability to do good, knowledge creation and wisdom. Our belief is rooted in the ayat of the Quran in which Allah reveals that He rewards the Muhsineen with knowledge and wisdom. Allah reveals:

And when he (Joseph) reached maturity, We gave him judgment and knowledge. And thus We reward the Muhsineen (doers of good). (Al-Quran 12:22)

Muhsineen are people who have trained their will. They experience the state of Ihsan while doing good deeds. As the end goal of education is knowledge creation and wisdom reflected through creativity, innovation, inventions, and actions, we feel training the human will  to nurture personality of Muhsineen is what is required in this day, and age. This is what we are trying to achieve and will in-shaa-Allah achieve.